Welcome to this new and amazing blog about - you guessed it - film and stuff. I'll be keeping you up to date with all things to do with making films, watching films, and other life-ish stuff. Have fun and don't hold it against me if I rant. I tend to do that when I get overexcited and angry at the same time.

Oh yes. I forgot to mention who I am - Alex Forey, aged 14 today.

I already know a lot for a 14 year old (but I'm not gonna be big-headed). For instance, I have already done commercial film work, used some of the most advanced software on the planet and I know how to code in over 8 languages fluently... as you might say. I also watch lots of films and go to lots of theatre. Shortly to follow will be my review of War Horse in the West End. If you don't know where that is you shouldn't be here. Or go look it up - I don't want to lose readers.


Until next time.