The Fortrus

I have started another thing. Whoops.

But this time, it's a tech blog; and I think it's fair to say it's fairly awesome. It's not just me however, because otherwise there wouldn't be much point of a blog other than this one. In fact, as far as I know, there's Henry Dyer, Amos Jackson, Robert Young, Nicolas Weninger, Albert Meek and Hugo Cheema-Grubb. I really can't be bothered to link to all their pages. It will take a long time, and it will get boring.

And then I have to explain why I named it what I did. Oh, except you still don't know. Well in that case it's called "The Fortrus", and it has the most epic badass domain name out there - And that's not the short name either. And it was called the Fortrus because of the links to a pre-existing group at school self-named "The Fortress of Solitude", after that place in one of Marvel's comics. And to fit that in with an inexpensive yet also awesome domain name, I deliberately misspelt it.

And isn't that interesting. It also has a Twitter and a Facebook Page (shudder).

And now some stuff for geeks. You may be wondering a) how I got my own hosted short URLs, that you can find in the Twitter feed; and b) how I got it to tweet automatically through my own app on Twitter. Well, two simple plugins for (which I'm obviously using as the engine for this blog) can do the job for you.

The first is "la petite url", which is the one that allows you to have your own short URLs. That's cool, and requires virtually zero-configuration.

The second is "TweetUpdater", which nicely enough has integration the "la petite url" built right in. The only difference is that you can make your own Twitter app, go into the plugin editor in WordPress and replace the current tokens with the one from your app. Now whenever your WordPress bot Tweets, in the info you can see it was "via The Fortrus". Interesting.

One last thing - I'm using the BackWPup to back up my entire installation of WordPress both on this blog and at the Fortrus, so that you can effectively nuke my servers and I'll still have  an instantly replaceable blog. The cool thing about BackWPup is that it can back up to many different places simultaneously, and so I've set it to save to Dropbox and email. And so to kill either this blog or the Fortrus, you'd have to blow up my servers, Dropbox's servers, Google's server's and my house.

Good luck trying.