While rewriting Markpond, I thought it would be pretty cool if there was some way to track my progress through my roadmap of post-it notes.¬†And »

Making Books from Pinboard or Markpond Bookmarks

After learning Ruby, I recently re-discovered Tom Armitage's pinboard-bookmachine. This is a how-to on making books from your bookmarks, separated by year. I've always liked physical »

Installing MAMP and Rails on a Mac

Now that I have a Mac laptop, I thought that I'd go about setting everything up that I'd need to code in my favourite programming languages »

The Tools of Markpond

Some people have expressed interest as to what software / hardware went into building Markpond, my bookmarking site. So, for those interested, here you go. Development Software »

Little Printing

On Wednesday, I went to the first of BERG's Little Printer After School Clubs, or as Alice put it: Alice's after hours party time »


Here it is. »

Deprecated HTML Tags

Separating content and styling is very powerful Something I feel¬†moderately strongly about is the use of tags which are specifically to do with presentation. I »

Magical Programming Languages and Where to Find Them

A slightly off-topic post - this blog is meant to be about Film after all... There are many, many different programming languages out there, and they »