The Tools of Markpond

Some people have expressed interest as to what software / hardware went into building Markpond, my bookmarking site. So, for those interested, here you go. Development Software »


{% image shwiing.png %} Hello. This is my latest venture. I have named it Shwiing. At this point you're probably like: {% youtube kf0yQbrY9Pw %} Alright, I'll start at »

The Pace of Change - Comments and Ideas

There is some interesting stuff in this article, and I have been set the task of commenting on it for homework. So I will comment on »

Reflections on the Internet

Every day I am more astounded by the power of the Internet. It's power to connect people, services and more. Here are two things that I've »

Google Docs has it's only disadvantage removed

Recently, Google created a function on Google Docs that basically gets rid of any competition. Many people thought that the disadvantage with Google Docs is that »

Browsing Browsers

So there have been many, many browsers over the years, but for those people unsure, I will start with what a browser actually is. This is »