Glass Envelope - Short Film

So, I made another film. This time set in Cornwall and about a boy who finds a letter in a bottle. There's also a Behind the »

Making of Russian Ark

I stumbled across In One Breath recently, a film about the making of Russian Ark, a one-shot 96-minute masterpiece covering several centuries of Russian history set »

The Cheapest Android Tablet

I recently came upon this post on a filmmaking website about how you can turn your Android tablet into a wireless DSLR monitor through the purchase »

Behind the Scenes of Gravity

I was hoping for something a little more in-depth, and that's probably coming, but for now this 5 minute video gives us a peek into how »

Super-low budget sound equipment

I've got some really exciting projects coming up in the next few months in the small cracks in the blocks of time taken up by my »

Packing Video & Photo Gear for Holidays

I'm going on a trip soon on which I will be taking my video, photo and timelapse equipment, and thought I'd share a brief overview of »

Perception - Short Film

I have finally, finally, got round to finishing an old project that started way back in May 2012. It's my latest short film and I hope »

DIY DSLR Cage, Matte Box and Rail System for £25

Hello, peoples of teh internets. I have made an awesome (I say so myself) DIY DSLR Cage and 15mm Rail System. Now, if you're a n00b »

Canon C300, Red Scarlet and some more thoughts

So. So, so so. Canon announced the C300 and ... I'm assuming you know what that is. Let me explain further. The Canon C300 is a Cinema »

DIY Fig Rig

Some of you may know that I love to build things, especially camera gear which would otherwise cost thousands of pounds. The professional Fig Rig is »