I really really want one of these. It should be simple enough once the main mechanism has been figured out. »

Making Books from Pinboard or Markpond Bookmarks

After learning Ruby, I recently re-discovered Tom Armitage's pinboard-bookmachine. This is a how-to on making books from your bookmarks, separated by year. I've always liked physical »

Repurpose an Old Computer into a DIY Complete Home Server for Free

It's a while since I've had an utter geek-out, and I thought it's about time for another. Some of you may know that I've had a »

DIY DSLR Cage, Matte Box and Rail System for £25

Hello, peoples of teh internets. I have made an awesome (I say so myself) DIY DSLR Cage and 15mm Rail System. Now, if you're a n00b »

DIY Fig Rig

Some of you may know that I love to build things, especially camera gear which would otherwise cost thousands of pounds. The professional Fig Rig is »