The Re-Design

Hello everybody. Welcome to the new Film and Stuff. I've redesigned this blog to make it look more fresh, and focus more on the content - less background images, less jQuery animation, less frills. This time it's all about what I've got to say, which is the main bit of a blog, after all.

I have focused a lot on the typography, and have decided to go with Georgia for three reasons. Firstly, it's kinda classic, looks nice and it easy to read. Secondly, it's already installed on pretty much every computer throughout the entire universe (save perhaps Linux machines, although I'm sure they have some kind of similar font), therefore I don't need to go about importing fonts in CSS3 via @font-face, meaning slower page loads and more complicated code. Keeping it simple. Thirdly, it comes with a ridiculous amount of different options for weights styles and stuff. Therefore, I've also adjusted the kerning, and decided to use small-caps for the titles. I think it looks better. Much funner. (Just putting that in there to annoy any English teachers that may be present in the room...)

As you probably know, I use WordPress(.org) on (at the moment) free servers outside WordPress themselves. Main reasons for that is that you get to use plug-ins, your own domain name without paying, and lots more control over the file structures behind itself. Hence I can upload things if I want, to live in their own folders, and to be available to me at any time I want.

With this upgrade of theme comes, PageLines. I'm not quite actually sure what the hell this is - from my perspective it's someone trying to make their own CMS inside another CMS (WordPress to be exact). Why? I have no idea. I just quite like the way they give you the option for advanced font styling without having to get your hands dirty with the CSS. Oh, and I quite like the look of the theme itself. Oh, and it's nice and responsive, so it plays nicely with phones as well as 27" iMacs.

Only one problem though, in the previous theme I was using FitVids.js (a jQuery Plugin) to scale  YouTube and Vimeo videos that I had embedded in posts so the kept their aspect ratio while scaling to the width of the post container. When I changed theme, this broke. I have still got the FitVids.js and jQuery.js included on this page (as you can see in the "Inspect Element" thing in new browsers if you could be bothered), but it's not playing nicely with the new theme. When I have more time I'm sure I'll get it fixed, though.

Alex, signing off.