Making the Raspberry Pi Useful, Internship at Firefly and Big Post-It Notes

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Well I've had a couple of Raspberry Pis for a while now, and I hadn't got round to using them to their full extent. Here's a list of reasons why not:

  1. I have two memory cards. One of them works with Raspberry Pis, and one that doesn't. So I (still) can't use my second Raspberry Pi.

  2. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with them. After I installed Plex Media Server on my main server, I wanted to install Raspbmc; but I ran into problems, again. For some reason, RC1 and RC2 wouldn't work.

  3. Then went down for ages and ages. In fact it only came back up three days ago. And so I couldn't test out RC3, and I've decided to wait until official release anyway, so I get a stable version.

  4. Then I was making a film, and I'll write about that soon. I've  nearly finished arranging the footage in the timeline after a whole week of editing. Considering we filmed an average of five takes per shot, and there were a lot of shots.

And then I started my week of internship at Firefly Solutions in Hammersmith. Everyone there was very nice and welcoming, and I really felt at home there. But the long and the short of it was that I needed a mini testing server, and decided that the Raspberry Pi fitted the bill perfectly. So I installed Apache2 and PHP so I could do dynamic pages, and set it to log in automatically and start itself up as soon as power is plugged in.

That means I can find a spare ethernet port, plug it in, and then do an IP scan from my laptop, find its IP address, and then FTP all the files to it. Of course, I do actually already have WAMP on my laptop, but this is way more cool.

I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to talk about what I actually did at Firefly, and so I won't, but it was very interesting. But one cool thing I saw there were MASSIVE sticky notes. And so now I have some. And so now I will use them.

I've got a lot of projects entering their final stages now, so prepare for a flood of posts as they get completed and I get round to documenting them.

Until then, see you on the interwebs.