A Word on Filtering

I've read a lot about David Cameron's proposed internet filtering system, and the flaws and pitfalls associated with it, and I was so frustrated by the »

This Happened October 2012 Talks

Here are the talks that I filmed for This Happened in October. Posting late as they've only just been published. All of them are of course »


While rewriting Markpond, I thought it would be pretty cool if there was some way to track my progress through my roadmap of post-it notes. And »

Perception - Short Film

I have finally, finally, got round to finishing an old project that started way back in May 2012. It's my latest short film and I hope »

Little Printing

On Wednesday, I went to the first of BERG's Little Printer After School Clubs, or as Alice put it: Alice's after hours party time »


remix (v) - Produce a different version of (a musical recording) by altering the balance of the separate tracks Another post today, this one technically for »