Glass Envelope - Short Film

So, I made another film. This time set in Cornwall and about a boy who finds a letter in a bottle. There's also a Behind the »

Making of Russian Ark

I stumbled across In One Breath recently, a film about the making of Russian Ark, a one-shot 96-minute masterpiece covering several centuries of Russian history set »

The Art of Typography

I wrote this piece last summer as part of my English Language iGCSE coursework. After many months of stress and feverish revisions, I submitted it along »

CreativeBloq Interview

Following my nomination for a Net Award in the Emerging Talent category, CreativeBloq reached out to me for a short interview over email. They published it »

Cloudwash by BERG

Since BERG finished their transition into being "Cloud services for hardware innovators" (at least for the moment), I've been eagerly awaiting their new prototypes that they've »

The Cheapest Android Tablet

I recently came upon this post on a filmmaking website about how you can turn your Android tablet into a wireless DSLR monitor through the purchase »

Building My First 3D Printer

For Christmas I was fortunate enough to recieve a Printrbot Simple kit. We got it through an eBay seller based in the UK who had stock »

Behind the Scenes of Gravity

I was hoping for something a little more in-depth, and that's probably coming, but for now this 5 minute video gives us a peek into how »


I really really want one of these. It should be simple enough once the main mechanism has been figured out. »

Super-low budget sound equipment

I've got some really exciting projects coming up in the next few months in the small cracks in the blocks of time taken up by my »