Google Docs has it's only disadvantage removed

Recently, Google created a function on Google Docs that basically gets rid of any competition. Many people thought that the disadvantage with Google Docs is that you can only access your files when you are browsing them online. But no anymore... pause for effect. Google has made a new Google Chrome Docs App, which allows you to view your files (yes view, not change) that are stored on the Google server even when you are not connected to the internet. This is a slightly befuddling concept, and this is how Google explains it:

How does Google Docs offline work?

You've set up Google Docs offline, and can now view Google documents and spreadsheets even when you don't have an Internet connection.

Available Offline

Offline access is available only for documents and spreadsheets. When you have Google Docs open and have an Internet connection, your most recently opened documents and spreadsheets will sync and become available offline. Presentations, drawings and other items are not currently available offline.


At this time, documents and spreadsheets are available in view-only mode. You must restore your Internet connection to make any edits. In addition, you can't create new Docs while you're offline.


Google Docs are available offline only in the Chrome browser.


Offline access is allowed on a computer-by-computer basis. Anyone with access to a computer where you’ve enabled offline access will be able to view your synced documents and spreadsheets when they open Chrome. To protect your data, don't allow offline access on public or shared computers.

For more information, please see the Google Docs Help Center when you regain access to the Internet.

Now that's pretty awesome. You'll never have compatibility problems ever again. Remember that currently you can't write to these files, but Google says that's coming soon. Office, iWork and OpenOffice don't stand a chance.