After the Move

To anybody who was following me before the switch to our own domain, I have had some problems but they are all cleared up now.

I first registered the domain, and then spent ages navigating the stupid menus until I found the place to change the name-servers. Once I set those, it took around 3 hours to complete.

I started off using 000Webhost, which went quite badly, because when I installed Wordpres it kept returning errors about operations timing out. I submitted a support ticket about the PHP errors, but they just told be to upgrade to Premium, which seems to be their answer to everything. I also tried different themes, but again I had problems with the server returning an empty result (Chrome Error 324).

So I gave up and upped sticks for the far more reliable x10 Hosting option. It then took me another 4 hours to change the name-servers again, and for me to flush my DNS cache to make sure everything had worked as planned. Once I got that working, I installed WordPress 3.2.1 again and installed my favorite theme 'Mystique' 3.1 directly from that website. I also went about exporting all the content from the old site and importing it into the new one, and editing theme settings to my liking.

So, move over, we can get back to doing what a blog is meant to do.

Alex, Signing off.