Mobile Catch-up Streaming and Stuff

I lie. I actually do have time today.

Anyway - the BBC (if you don't know who they are you can go die in a hole) FINALLY announced their iPlayer app for the iPhone. There has been an iPad app since February, and Android, but for some reason they had decided that an iPhone one wasn't necessary. Or maybe they ran into technical difficulties. Either way, only now have the BBC got their act together. Here's a very long article by the BBC talking about stuff.

This new iPlayer app joins the ranks of many others, including ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5. Well, that leaves everyone in the UK being able to access all the major channels anywhere for free.

But in reality, unless you have a very good (or expensive) phone contract, you're not going to be streaming this over 3G. Such things would be

massively expensive, and so you're more likely to just use WiFi. But hey, there's no problem with that. Let me refine my previous statement:

That leaves everyone in the UK (with a phone) being able to access all the major channels anywhere there's usable WiFi for (not so) nearly free.

Goodbye - I have to learn a monologue for Drama (Drama Homework??!?) for the third-last day of term and it's probably going to be an extract from Pygmalion, which we have

recently been studying in English. But whatever, it's cool. Another app in the 'Entertainment' folder on my iPhone.