While rewriting Markpond, I thought it would be pretty cool if there was some way to track my progress through my roadmap of post-it notes. And so I took inspiration from one of the projects at the Little Printer Hack Day 2, GitHub Yesterday by Martyn Loughran and I looked into how I could make something using the Little Printer's direct print API.

And I found out that GitHub has a thing called WebHook URLs, which posts a dump of data every time someone pushes to a repository. So I made a little Sinatra app, reusing a bunch of code from something I did on the hack day.

In short, it receives a bunch of info from GitHub, formats it nicely, and then sends off another post request to BERGCloud to get it printed.

Once I had got this working locally, I pushed it up to Heroku and set it up as a service so that anybody can use it. You can find instructions here.

And so, every time I finish a little bit of the new Markpond, I get a printout and put it up on my roadmap.

Little Commits

You can view the source of little-commits on GitHub. It's really simple, but I think it's quite useful.