The End of Kodak

I was sad to hear that Kodak has recently gone bankrupt. I was sad for several reasons, but mainly as I see Kodak as being one of the main symbols of film (or analogue) photography.

(The other, by the way, is that whenever I go to Jessops to develop my film, they would give me a free Kodak film, so I would never actually have to buy any film at all; although I can imagine they'll just swap over to another brand.)

The reason that I think Kodak went under, is that they decided that they did not want to dip into the digital world. I think this was a big mistake.

Although Kodak made some of the first digital cameras, but they were only compact cameras. They never stepped up to the DSLR market, like Pentax did. Pentax make some of the highest megapixel DSLRs on the market.

I don't know why they decided that DSLRs were not the thing for them, but they also stopped making compact cameras. I am puzzled that they did not jump on the bandwagon of the new EVIL cameras, but I suppose it was because they decided that digital was not for them.

I feel this marks the end of an era, although to be honest I haven't been around all that long. I love taking film photos, they have an aesthetic that can never be matched by digital straight out of the camera, but this is not a good reason for Kodak to refuse to do digital completely.

I would be interested to see if anybody can come up with any other reasons that Kodak refused to make digital cameras; if you do, drop a comment so other people can expand on this article.

A depressed Alex, signing off.