Reflections on the Internet

Every day I am more astounded by the power of the Internet. It's power to connect people, services and more. Here are two things that I've been thinking about recently. (FYI this post is full of videos)


Every minute, twenty-four hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. That means that it is physically impossible to watch all the video currently on YouTube either now or in the future. Think about that next time your video gets more than a few thousand views. People hardly ever come across videos on YouTube accidentally. People watch your video because other people have watched your video.


Will Facebook ever end? I know that MySpace used to be massively popular - but look at it now. But somehow I can't see that happening to Facebook. It is simply too popular. Why would you leave when all your friends are on Facebook? With 800,000,000 active users I can't see it going anywhere soon.

The Internet of Things

I know this topic really needs it's own post, but I don't really have time. All I want to say about the Internet of Things is this.

What will life be like in 25 years time? What was life like 25 years ago?