DIY Fig Rig

Some of you may know that I love to build things, especially camera gear which would otherwise cost thousands of pounds. The professional Fig Rig is made my Manfrotto, and you can buy it here if you really want to, although considering how simple the design is, I can't figure out why this is so expensive other than the fact that it has a Manfrotto sticker on it.

Today, I decided to follow the instructions of Indy Mogul's sadly finished internet show, Backyard FX. Here is the video I loosely followed to get my design.

Here in the UK, specific PVC fittings like the ones shown in the video are actually quite hard to come by. Luckily, I found some on ScrewFix, so if anyone out there wants to know where to find them, just search for PVC.

Once I had completed the basic structure, I decided to customize it. After having previous bad experiences with PVC and black spray paint, I decided not to take that option but to simply buy some cheap red electricians tape, and covered all the joints in it to give it a more awesome feel. As I couldn't find any PVC cross-pieces, I modded the design slightly in order to allow me to use another T piece instead.

There are some other cool features, such as the ability to flip the camera upside down in order to get really close to the ground, and I also built mine specifically so I could access the battery and card compartments while the camera was attached to the Fig Rig. To attach my camera to the Fig Rig, I simply drilled a 6mm hole on the opposite wall of the T from the bit that sticks out.

All in all I think this works very well, and when combined with some stabilization from After Effects or the like, creates virtually perfect tracking shots. Again a video, this time of some test footage from my Youtube account, DuckHouseProductions.

All in all, this cost me between £15 and £25 and I am very pleased with the results. If you wanna get some stable shots, no matter what camera you have, I highly recommend investing the time and effort into making one of these.

Alex, Signing Off.