The Great Move MkII

Well, we're moving again. Oh, and I'm also going to re-design this again. I will outline the how and the why of both those things.

First the move. This blog started off humbly, hosted by the great WordPress itself. Then I got sick of having to have a name, and the limited preferences. So, I moved over to the "amazing" It worked well for the first few months, but then things started to go downhill. I figured out that over the last week we've had around 25-35% downtime, which is unacceptable for somebody like me. It wasn't necessarily the HTTP server, it was the database server as well. So sometimes you'd get a "Error establishing database connection" message, generated by WordPress as it frantically tried to find everything it needed to run, and sometimes it just didn't work at all. So that's why I'm moving again. But it's not just this blog, it's gonna be my entire web empire (which, by the way, is quite expansive, but you already know that...). That includes this, my personal website, Duck House Productions,  Pickture, and my upcoming amazing project Shwiing. You'll see what that is later.

In terms of where I'm moving to, I've chosen to go with Krystal, mainly because I'm from the UK and it was recommended to me by David Smith, who found me a promo code that got me 50% of... :-D. I've gone with the Topaz option, which should cover all my hosting needs for the next three years. Probably.

And then in terms of the re-design - it's not that I don't like this theme, it's just that it's mote than a theme. This is PageLines. These guys basically want to make money for themselves using WordPress, a free, open-source CMS, and I don't really like that. They're trying to be a CMS inside a CMS, which is not on for me. There is a settings page, inside my settings page. Not on for me.

So I'm going to be swapping over for a completely clean installation of WordPress with a new (heavily modified) theme, which I'm currently in the process of choosing.

Of course, I'm going to migrate all the posts to the new blog, so don't worry about that.

Oh, and expect some downtime for the next few days, on all my websites, as I frantically move everything from A to B.

See you on the other side, Alex