In a vague attempt to try to organise my growing GIF collection, I set up a large chain of actions to take a URL of a GIF and upload it to my new bukkit-style site,

I browse most of the GIFs in my life on Reddit, though Alienblue, and the easiest method of sharing the URL of the GIF is to email  it.

So whenever I want to save a GIF, I email [email protected]

The email's subject is the description I want to give my GIF, and the body is the URL.

Then there's a filter in Gmail that takes any email sent to [email protected] and gives it the label of 'gif', and archives it ("skipping the inbox").

I then have an IFTTT recipe to take new emails with the label 'gif', and save them to Dropbox, with the file name being the description.

Finally, I have Dropbox Automator upload any new files in that Dropbox folder via FTP to

It's a bit hacky, but it works, and it's quite a neat system, until I can think of something better.