CreativeBloq Interview

Following my nomination for a Net Award in the Emerging Talent category, CreativeBloq reached out to me for a short interview over email. They published it on Thursday, along with interviews from some of the other nominations.

In my own head this interview makes me sound fairly sure of myself -- I'm really not -- but I wanted to answer their questions as best I could. There are a few weird things that they left in, like the half sentences at the end of each Little Printer publication description; I was expecting them to edit those into full sentences.

I'm not really expecting to win the award - all the other candidates seem to have worked with more discrete clients than me - but I'm happy to have even made it this far. I know that's something people say on the X Factor when they're expecting to lose, but it is nice to have my work put in front of some of the most important leaders in the web design industry.