Adobe touches on Apps

So finally Adobe has started developing for mobile devices. Previously, their best attempt was Photoshop Lite or somesuch, but now things have changed.

Adobe have finally realized their potential when it comes to utilizing the ever growing potential of tablets, and specifically the iPad 2.

These Apps look incredible, in fact they look as if they could be the best Apps ever made. And, they're reasonably priced, too. At only $10 or £6, you can buy one without the risk of hating it so much that you think you should never have bought it. Then, if you do like it, then you could buy the rest of them. The thing that Adobe might want to think about is something in the style of an App Suite, meaning if you know you want to buy all of them, they could give you a discount.

This was a very smart marketing move, after the massive mistake Adobe made when it unveiled Muse as a subscription only service. This sparked a massive debate and many potential users decided not to buy. You can take a dip into that conversation here, but don't be surprised if the page takes half an hour to load because of how long it is. Look! A video.

But definitely, I will try these out as soon as I get an iPad. Which may be some time.

The title's funny, cos they're called Adobe Touch Apps.

Alex, signing off.