2016 Yearnotes

I only blogged once in 2016, which, to be honest, reflects how busy I've been this year.

Generally speaking, this year has not been a good one on a global scale, which is difficult to navigate because, on the other hand, it has also been a fantastic year on a personal level.

Brexit is still a sore topic, and I will not forget the drop in my stomach I felt when I heard the news, an hour before I was to sit my Maths Core 4 A Level paper. For weeks afterwards, some of which I spent inter-railing around Europe, I couldn't help but feel some sense of intangible loss. Some have described their experience as a feeling of bereavement, which is not far off my thoughts. Provided it does actually eventually happen, we will never be able to measure the scale of the opportunities and relationships that will never happen because of our absence from the EU. Everything about Trump's election is astonishing, and his ties to Putin are worrying.

Otherwise, this has been a year of many firsts. For the first time in 14 years, I am free to do what I want with my time, as I make my first step into the adult world. It's unnervingly liberating, like cycling without stabilisers for the first time. I have a suspicion that this sensation won't fade for some while yet.

In the theatre, I designed for the first time at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, had my first credit as Associate Lighting Designer in the West End, began working at the Lyric in Hammersmith, and met very many lovely people and made many useful contacts with whom I hope to work again in the near future.

I exceeded my offer A Level requirements for UCL, and have secured a place there from September 2017 studying Computer Science in their vibrant and exciting Malet Place engineering complex. I wrote my longest ever single essay for my English Literature Pre-U personal investigation, titled "Marriage in Twentieth Century Literature", with a conclusion that marriage rarely lasts that long, especially in plays. I have never really thought of myself as that good at English Literature, but thankfully CiE seem to disagree.

I have travelled more than I ever have before, being away for 18.6% of the year (68 days), visiting 13 cities, with Washington DC a particular highlight for its amazing and inexpensive museums.

There was some more of the same: I went to the theatre 31 times, and worked on 8 shows. People, Places and Things was my show of the year, thanks to Denise Gough's Olivier-winning performance.

In other news, I drove a car for the first time, and have now racked up a meagre 10 hours behind the wheel. It is still terrifying, and I see no sign of it getting less so.

Let's hope 2017 is also a year filled with firsts.

New Year's resolutions:
  • Read more classic literature (starting with Arcadia)
  • Blog more